Personalised and non-intrusive communication for your customers
APIs for transactional emails
Global Services offers an excellent e-mail marketing service that allows you to create, send and manage promotional and transactional e-mails effectively.
With our e-mail platform, businesses receive holistic view of their e-mails via a sophisticated dashboard that tracks e-mails, open rates, CTR’s and bounce rates. 
Our complex routing algorithm routes e-mails over multiple mail servers to guarantee delivery. The platform's dedicated blacklist and reputation management service takes care of the IP’s and domains not getting blacklisted; ultimately resulting in higher inbox placement. Seed list reports monitor the performance of your campaigns which are complimented by the services to give the best from the e-mails.
API Integration
Send e-mails quickly with API integration. Http API for efficient bandwidth utilization
Authenticated Emailing; each email is authenticated by DKIM, SPF.
Template and Dashboard Management
Easy template management. Dashboard with all summary of the activity.
Spam Testing and HTML Designing Services. Reliable E-mail Deliveries with multiple mail servers.
Tracking and Reporting
Advance E-Mail Tracking, Real-time statistics that lets you monitor each email.
Bounce management
Download bounce reports from your dashboard or receive a list by API.